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Updated: Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Sellers have options to buy and sell with Confidence
Written By: Terri Murphy

If you havent noticed, home values have increased dramatically in the last year giving sellers options they may have never even considered.nbsp; As an example, if you purchased your property in the last five years, you may have increased year after year compounding new values that offer new considerations for finding a more suitable property.The...

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“Best” Time for the “Worst”
Written By: admin

While many real estate markets continue to burn hot, this is a great time for sellers of special, unusual, or unique properties to jump in and cash out. Sellers who paid too much for their real estate in the last boom or who ended up with a budget-breaking construction or renovation project that priced their home out of pre-boom markets. Sellers...

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Expert Tips to Sell A Home with Pets
Written By: Ashley Sutphin

Your pets are a member of your family, and you love them as such, but when its time to sell your home, they can create a bit of a challenge in a few key ways.Youre not alone if youre trying to sell a home and you have pets. Around 60 of sellers have them, with 49 being dogs and 33 being cats. However, buyers either want to visualize their own pe...

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5 Necessary Steps to Flipping a House
Written By: Vincent Stokes

Thanks to the popular reality TV shows that feature house flippers who make nearly 50,000 in just a few weeks, house flipping has become more and more popular. Theres nothing wrong with the profession--its lucrative, honest, and helps a lot of people find their dream homes since youve helped to fix it up for them. The only problem is that you ha...

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5 Questions to Ask When Choosing a Kitchen Remodel Design Team
Written By: Scott Merriman

Before putting money down for a deposit on your new kitchen remodel, you need to look at several factors including the years of experience, previous customer reviews, availability, option for cabinets, flooring, and other components, and the cost.1. How Many Years of Experience Does Your Kitchen Contractor Have?It doesnt matter if youre doing a ...

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Ask The HOA Expert: Hostile Neighbors, Surcharges to Rentals, Board Authority, Holiday Board Meetings
Written By: Richard Thompson

Question: Do you have any advice on dealing with hostile neighbors? There is a couple in our HOA that make the rest of us miserable, with their constant complaining and badgering of the Board about rule violations.Answer: Difficult people ra>Question: Our Board is considering a surcharge to owners that rent out their units. Any problem with this...

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6 Things to Know About Buying a Home in a Flood Zone
Written By: Ashley Sutphin

In the United States, floods are the most common natural disaster, but flooding can come from other situations too. For example, if theres new construction on your street, your home can be flooded because of water diversion. Even a clogged storm drain can cause flooding.There are some places where the risk of floods is higher than others, and th...

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How to Find Your Niche in Real Estate
Written By: Ashley Sutphin

When youre a real estate professional, its incredibly competitive. You have to find a way to differentiate yourself, but thats often easier said than done. A good way to set yourself apart is to find a niche that you specialize in.Some agents are afraid of identifying a niche because they feel like it will limit them. The reality is that with a ...

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What to Know About Selling a Home to a Family Member
Written By: Ashley Sutphin

Its not uncommon to want to sell a home to a family member, but it can become a tricky situation. You have to be mindful of not only the personal elements that can come with doing this type of transaction with a >Its perfectly legal to sell a home to a family member as long as youre not just doing it to avoid taxes. If youre selling the home at ...

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Easy Ways to Make Some Extra Cash for Your Down Payment
Written By: Jaymi Naciri

Being able to buy a home now or having to hit pause often comes down to how much money you have saved for a down payment and closing costs. If your savings account is a little light, there are several easy ways you can pump it up to get you over the hump.Get a side hustle as a driverWith companies like Lyft and Uber, its never been easier to mak...

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Essential Tools To Help With Your Renovation
Written By: Elena Tahora

Below are the essential renovation tools thatll help you with your next renovation project.Tape MeasureFor any do-it-yourself renovation project, youll need a tape measure or measuring tape. Measuring tapes have a small slot located at the end hook, so you dont need help in holding one end of the measuring tape in place.However, this essential i...

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Tips For Growing An Urban Garden
Written By: Realty Times Staff

As families become more health-conscious and think more about the food they consume, family farms are on the comeback, regardless of the size. Whether driven to grow produce on their own to make sure their vegetables are pesticide-free, out of a passion for gardening or as a cottage industry for extra cash, city-dwellers are using innovative mea...

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Hand in the HOA's Cookie Jar
Written By: Richard Thompson

An excerpt from a recent news story read: "Bridgett Freeman of Sheboygan stole more than 11,000 from the Westridge Homeowners Association in West Bend. Thursday, she was sentenced to six months in jail and three years probation, and was ordered to pay back 11,617.41. She said she was sorry."From time to time, these stories hit the local rag with...

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Should You Write a Seller a Personal Letter?
Written By: Ashley Sutphin

When the real estate market is booming, which it is in many parts of the country right now, you may find yourself in a bidding war. You have to act quickly if you want to have any hope of scoring the home of your dreams. One way to make your offer more attractive is to pay more for a home, but thats not always an option.There are other ways to m...

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FHA, VA or USDA: Which One Is Better?
Written By: David Reed

There are two basic types of mortgage loan programs, conventional and government-backed. A conventional loan is one where the issuing lender assumes the risk of making the mortgage. Should the loan ever go into default and the lender is forced to foreclose, the lender is on the hook for the entire loss. There is in fact private mortgage insuranc...

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Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Sellers have options to buy an...
If you havent noticed, home values have increased dramatically in the last year giving selle...

“Best” Time for the “Worst”...
While many real estate markets continue to burn hot, this is a great time for sellers of spe...

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